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Office Gate Metal Shutter

BK Steel Interior Gurgaon has the best Commercial Office Gate Metal Shutter and gates. An excellent choice and range of getting any type of storefront or counter space. Our products were always ideal in choice for customers. Our office gates and materials are also used in big malls, hotels/Restaurants, parking garages, cafeterias, and other interior or exterior applications. Our aim is security and beauty you want to protect your valuable commercial assets, we always focus that our products will meet or exceed by fully match to our customers needs.  

BK Steel Interiors was chosen as a worldwide leader in the construction management industry to provide overhead coiling doors, steel gates, aluminum sheds, and Office Gate Metal Shutter. BK Steel Interiors is well known for retail stores in Gurgaon. We deliver doors to various sites throughout the Gurgaon to Delhi. Our customers placed orders for our different models in Metal Shutter doors and other Industrial and Commercial Manufacturing.

We verify before services:

  • We verify Mounting and assembly bolts are not missing or loose.
  • Welds and weld location comply with installation method for fire door assemblies welded to steel jambs per manufacturer installation instructions.
  • Fusible links are located per manufacturer instructions.
  • Guide assemblies have the required fire expansion clearance per manufacturer instructions.
  • Fusible links and sash chain/cable links are not painted or coated with dust or grease, the cable is not kinked or pinched, the chain is flexible and not twisted, and raceways are not obstructed.
  • Smoke detectors/release devices function properly.
  • Nothing that is not a part of the fire door assembly is attached to any part of the fire door assembly (suspended ceiling, light fixtures, ducting, conduits, framing, and any other building materials).

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